Team announcement: Dez Creek

2019 NRL SuperCoach champion Dez Creek announces his Round 1 team as he eyes back-to-back titles.

Expert Analysis Pre-season

Fresh from a triumphant 2019 season, SuperCoach overall champion Dez Creek picks his initial side as he aims to become the first player to defend his title.


TOM TRBOJEVIC || $714,800 || FLB

He’s priced exactly where he should be. You could tell he played last year with niggling injuries yet still managed to average exceptionally. He’s a serious captaincy choice for any Brookvale fixtures.


At $500k he’s basically basement price for the fullback elites. He constantly harasses the ruck from quick play-the-balls with his pace, which should translate to some big SuperCoach output again in 2020, similar to last season.

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He’s now playing fullback and goal-kicking, therefore should be everyone’s first picked CTW.

ADAM DOUEIHI || $343,100 || CTW-FLB

It’s a similar story to Isaako, with the former Rabbitoh turned Tiger getting a run at fullback and the bonus of goal-kicking duties to significantly increase his floor.

ZAC LOMAX || $324,600 || CTW-FLB

Young, fast and eager to impress. Paul Mcgregor has shown faith and so will I.

BRADMAN BEST || $240,700 || CTW-FLB

Best looked to be very SuperCoach friendly from the little we saw of him last year. I can’t pass him up at that price.

TRISTAN SAILOR || $247,200 || CTW-FLB or JASON SAAB || $271,100 || CTW

Whoever gets the wing spot at the Dragons will be in my team. Both look like they’ll be good cash cows if the Dragons can produce some points.

XAVIER COATES || $203,500 || CTW

I haven’t seen much of him, but from all accounts he’s a strong young player who can find the tryline

GREG LELEISIUAO || $171,900 || CTW

I’ve never seen him play – sometimes you just have to show faith in what you’ve heard. This guy fits the bill from all reports.

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SHAUN JOHNSON || $585,500 || HFB-5/8

I had this spot reserved for Anthony Milford, but his injury at the Perth Nines has me concerned. While Shaun Johnson didn’t exactly star in the tournament, I’m happy to recruit him for my side to begin the year.

JAROME LUAI || $257,400 || HFB-5/8

He’s cheap and has a decent running game, and should make money, simple.


NATHAN CLEARY || $631,500 || HFB

I’m opting for Cleary over Moses despite the Eels’ golden draw. Without Maloney, Cleary should increase his SuperCoach output around 10-15PPG across the season, which would lead to an outstanding average.

GEORGE WILLIAMS || $333,800 || HFB-5/8

The UK import should be everyone’s first picked halfback. Williams is cheap and looks the goods based on his Super League stats.

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JASON TAUMALOLO || $723,400 || 2RF

JT is expensive, so I can see why some people would start without him. I love watching him play and cheering him on every hit-up, so I’d rather pay the premium and hold him through the season.

JAI ARROW || $575,700 || 2RF

With the injury to Ryan James, Arrow is well priced at $575k and should average well. I started with him last season and he didn’t let me down with a big ton early, so I’ll be showing faith again.

DAVID FIFITA || $501,900 || 2RF

Fifita is severely under-priced with a massive ceiling, I’m expecting big things from him this year. It would be brave not to have him.

JOE TAPINE || $362,400 || 2RF

With the injury to John Bateman, I’m expecting big minutes for Tapine. Whilst he may not be a keeper, he should make decent money and average fairly well given his game style is very SuperCoach conducive.

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JAYDN SU’A || $303,600 || 2RF

I can’t pass him up at $300k. He should get more minutes and produce a bigger workload than last year.

BILLY MAGOULIAS || $221,700 || 2RF

At $220k, he’s value for money. Anyone who watched him in the short bursts he played last year would see the talent is there. The big issue is minutes, but sometimes you have to roll the dice.


PAYNE HAAS || $728,200 || FRF

 He’s a lock in captain every week. Worth every penny.

COREY HORSBURGH || $375,700 || FRF

We saw that he’s a powerful presence on the field last season, throw in a few attacking stats and he’s due for some big price rises in a position with not many money making options emerging thus far.

ZANE MUSGROVE || $201,000 || FRF or Zane Tetevano || $310,700 || FRF-2RF

To free up cash elsewhere, I’ve downgraded Marty Taupau from my initial team to either Musgrove or Tetevano pending the make-up of Round 1 teams.


Another rookie with massive wraps, let’s hope he gets a start early in the season.

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API KOROISAU || $338,800 || HOK

With the Harry Grant-Paul Momirovski player swap looking less and less likely, I’ve switched Api Koroisau into my side.

The former Manly hooker looked sharp at the Perth Nines, so hopefully he impresses enough to earn big minutes at his new club.

BLAYKE BRAILEY || $201,000 || HOK

I’m not the biggest fan of Brailey, he shouldn’t average less than 45 though. Let him make $200k then upgrade ASAP.


MPG = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

PPM= Points per minute

BPG = Base per game (point accrued in tackles + runs + missed tackles)

POD = Point of difference

4 Responses to “Team announcement: Dez Creek”

  1. Well done for last year!
    Couple of observations:

    There is no way you will start the season with 2 rookies at hooker. I can feel a backflip coming and bringing in Cook will mean major upheaval.

    Brailey could easily average low 40s or worse.

    Good Luck.

  2. Dezzie, I’ve talked to you on SC fanatics Moderater/Admin Message bank page that we have,
    An you declared this exact same Backrow makeup an Halves aswell weeks ago , so I no you definitely are not giving the public something different to what you are actually doing behind closed doors.
    Mad respect on that brother.
    Anyway my question is say your 9s don’t hit your expectations to your current draft selections ,
    What are your contingency plans an what positions will you tweak to raise that likely cash to hit that contingency plan. A plan I know you have even if it’s only in pencil atm..?

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