SuperCoach Fan Focus: Maty Ryan

In our first QnA of the year, Socceroos and EPL star Maty Ryan talks about his passion for NRL SuperCoach.


Each week across the course of the year we’ll track down the biggest names in SuperCoach to get their views on the game.

In our first edition of SuperCoach Fan Focus, Socceroos and Brighton & Hove Albion goal-keeper Maty Ryan opens up on his passion for the great game.

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1. What do you enjoy about SuperCoach?

The bragging rights of beating your mates as well as trying to finish as high as you can in the overall rankings.

2. Who is your favourite SuperCoach player of all-time and why?

Payne Haas, he’s Mr. Reliable.

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3. What was your best SuperCoach moment of all-time?

Captaining Nathan Cleary vs the Knights in the last game of last season to bump me up the rankings as he went huge (186 points)!

4. And the worst moment?

Being the first player to lose a H2H to my mate’s Mum in our league.

5. What was the best trade you’ve ever made?

Bringing in Payne Haas after his early doors suspension last year.

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6. And the worst trade?

Selling Maika Sivo last season thinking he had maxed out, and then he went on to make another $150k as I missed out on a few big scores.

7. Is there any player on your ‘never again’ purchase list?

Josh Hodgson after starting with him last season.

8. Any decent SuperCoach advice you’ve picked up over time?

Put in the study and choose wisely when looking for the edge.

9. After a particularly satisfying head-to-head win over a mate, are you humble or do you rub it in?

Haha easy, rub it in.

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10. Your first player picked and why?

Payne Haas as Mr. Consistent with big scores.

11. Your best smokey buy and why?

Jaydn Su’A – I’m hoping that with the exit of Sam Burgess he slots in and scores well off Cook and makes a stack of cash.

12. Who will be the top averaging player?

Tom Trbojevic

13. Who will be the premiers?

South Sydney

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